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Search function examples

Problem: Often when users want to use the search function, they are unsure what kind of keywords to type in. Especially in more complex systems.

Solution: Before users type in anything, offer some search examples so the users can se which kind of keywords, numbers etc. they can expect useful results from typing in.


Social media sign in

Problem: One of the easiest ways to let users sign into your software is using social media. Users already have an account, and do not need to create a new one for every service, they are using. However, many users are not willing to sign in using social media. They are afraid that content will be posted on their or other peoples wall.

Solution: Add a single line of text informing the user, that nothing will be posted on any wall. If the website in general appears credible, users will be much more willing to sign in using social media accounts. When adding this line of text, of course nothing should be posted on any wall.


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Chapters overview


– Responsive design
– Menu items
– Call to Action


– Help and support
– Error handling
– Accessibility


– Information validation
– Required fields
– Text and checkboxes


– Search function
– Install and update
– Credibility
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Hi there, my name is René Rosendal and I have done a lot of usability testing over the last couple of years. My time as a usability consultant in the former Copenhagen-based company SnitkerGroup has shown me how users react in different situations, and how developers keep on making the same mistakes over and over again.


Creating a fantastic user experience for the customers should not only be for big companies with a huge budget and UX professionals. My mission is to make usability available for everybody, almost no matter the budget and timeframe.

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I spend much time playing the piano, especially with a passion for jazz and blues. It is a perfect way to relax, and it creates a cozy atmosphere in our apartment, where I live with my beautiful girlfriend and our two adorable budgerigars.


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